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A Brief Description of Classes Offered

Please see detailed class information for more complete descriptions by clicking on the course title or by selecting a specific course from the menu to the left.

All courses have been designed to be as effective and practical as possible. Thirty to fifty percent of course time is dedicated to "hands-on". Detailed, structured course notebooks (printed in colour) support participants in the class. Materials progress logically from section to section. Courses are taught in such a way that all preferred learning styles are addressed. Once classes are over, participants leave with tools and methods that can be applied to their jobs in a straightforward way.

Customer Service (1 day).

This course has been created to give your support people a good understanding of all aspects of customer service. Those who attend will spend a day defining customer service, measuring themselves as customer service people, and practicing with tools and procedures designed to make them even better support people. This course is aimed at those customer service people who work on phones a lot. (We also offer a half day course for experienced Customer Service people.)

Outlook & OneNote (½ day).

This is short course on how to really work with Outlook and with OneNote. The emphasis in this class is on working with more advanced features in Outlook (defining your own views for example) and seeing how Outlook and OneNote work extremely well together in most business settings. The topic of daily and weekly planning is used to illustrate these two packages. Want this done quicker? See our Lunch and Learn options.

Powerful Presentations (1 day or two ½ days).

This course gives every participant the theory and practical experience required to build and deliver effective and memorable presentations! In the world of presentations, lack of focus means sleepless nights and missed opportunities. Not only does this course provide you with a template for creating and delivering powerful presentations, it allows you to practice what you learn. Present at the beginning of the course, then learn and practice and present again at the end of the course - captured on video !

Train the Trainer (Many versions: 1 day, 2 day and Advanced).

Above all else, this course is meant to be practical. It has been designed to make trainers - from all walks of life - better in the classroom. Brand new trainers will walk away knowing how to train - having demonstrated that they know how. 100's of practical tips and tricks are explained during the 2 day course. Experienced trainers will appreciate the solid adult learning theory that underlies everything we do. Whenever we show people how to do things, we also explain why. (Many new trainers have come back months/years later to take this course again - saying it was at least as useful the second time through.)

Your Time Your Life!(1 day or two ½ days).

Attitude, time management, personal leadership and personal organizational theory are combined with very practical how-to-implement ideas using Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft OneNote.  Greater than the sum of its parts, this course is about design, about being deeply satisfied at the end of every day of every week. It is about saying "enough is enough" and starting to live the way you want to - now.