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Customer Service (On-site Class)


Half a day.

1 Day Customer Service class.

Site requirements:

Boardroom, white board (or black board), flip chart pad.

Hints & Suggestions:

Those new to the role of customer service might consider our one day Customer Service course.


This half-day course has been created to give those who have been caught up in the day-to-day of customer service a chance to step back and discuss the bigger picture.  It is meant to be a course that allows experienced customer support people to re-visit and discuss what Customer Service can be before, during and after “contact”.   Ideas and stories (many from the class participants) facilitate this.

Intended For:

Anybody who supports internal or external customers.  While this course focuses on supporting customers over the phone, we also discuss aspects of in-person support.  Primarily this is meant for experienced customer service people.

Key Topics:

Customer Service Communication Skills

Steps for Really Handling a Call
Greeting the Customer
Being Positive with Customers
Listening to the Customer
Solving Customer’s Problems
The Action Plan

Dealing with Upset Customers

Ideas for Moving Forward

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