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Powerful Presentations (On-site Class)


1 day or 2 half days.

Site requirements:

Boardroom, white board (or black board), presentation system , flip chart pad.

Hints & Suggestions:

This class works best if it is run in two half-day sessions. Ideally the two half day sessions would be two or three days apart. The first half of the class deals with presentation structure and often what people come to class with needs to be re-worked.


This course has been designed to do two things:

Help people build clear-to-the-point presentations quicker.

Help people deliver presentations more effectively. 

After this class expect presentations to be more memorable and powerful.  Expect to create presentations quicker.  Expect key points to be remembered.

Intended For:

Anybody who needs to present information in ways that motivate others; anybody who wants to get faster at building presentations. Even experienced presenters would benefit from the practice of building and delivering presentations in this class. This course is intended for more senior people who will have to do a fair bit of presenting.

Key Topics:

Theory Of Presenting

Organizing to Present - Becoming Clear and Focused
   Building the Basics
   Brain Storming
   Build It

Presentation Techniques
   Super Woman Preparation
   Energy, Posture

Some Final Suggestions


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