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Train the Trainer Overview (On-site Classes)

Trab Training Inc. offers several Train the Trainer courses.  Choosing which course is best for you can be a bit confusing.  Major differences are summarized here. Select course titles for specific details about each of the course.

All of our Train-the-Trainer classes (except our virtual classes) are offered on-site.

Why train trainers?

1 on 1 Train the Trainer (1 day)

This class is designed for people who will be doing on the job training.  Usually this will be training in a 1-on-1 situation.  It is very appropriate for managers and supervisors and senior people who find they spend more than 10% of their time training / teaching / showing others how to do things.

Can this be applied to classroom training?

Yes it can; however, if you are doing an equal amount of both group training and 1-on-1 training, I would recommend taking the Train the Trainer (1-day) class. If you are going to be mostly training in very small groups or mostly in 1-on-1 situations this 1-on-1 Train the Trainer course is probably the best fit.

Best Benefit?

Employee productivity and peace of mind. Teach well once instead of having to tell people again and again. Leave the training session (good training can happen in less than half an hour) knowing that the person you trained knows!


Train the Trainer (1 day)

This class is designed for people who will mostly be doing more formal group and classroom training. Often projects arise where select people help design and test new processes and systems. These same people are then asked to train others. If training others and building course materials is beyond their current skill set, this course can address that in one day.

Can people really learn to train in one day?

Yes they can. In part, because everyone is already very familiar with receiving training. (Have a look at some of the comments from any of our Train the Trainer classes).

Best Benefit?

Less stress and greater productivity from your new trainers. Better results in the classroom. Successful project implementation. Motivated and competent classroom participants.


Virtual Train the Trainer (6 Sessions)

This class is designed for people who are new to training and new to virtual training. Like our CTT+ Train the Trainer course, this course focuses on everything the new trainer will need to know - but in the virtual environment. Theory is slightly different in places, preparing for sessions is completely different, starting classes and sections in classes is different .... Choose this course if you are going to just conduct virtual training sessions. (Call and chat if you are going to be doing both classroom and virtual training.)

How much out of class work will there be?

This course consists of six 90 minute virtual sessions. Count on needing to complete about 30-60 minutes of home work in-between our virtual sessions.

Best Benefit?

Be ready to design and run virtual classes by the end of this session.


CTT+ Train the Trainer (2 days)

This course is very appropriate for subject matter experts who need to deliver training to groups of people and who are moving into primarily a training role.  This class is especially appropriate for technical trainers. This class is also designed to help people achieve their CTT+ designation (Certified Technical Trainer).

Above all else, this course is meant to be practical. It has been designed to make trainers - from all walks of life - better in the classroom. Brand new trainers will walk away knowing how to train - having demonstrated that they know how. Hundreds of practical tips and tricks are explained during the two days. Experienced trainers will appreciate the solid adult learning theory that underlies everything we do. (Whenever we show people how to do things, we also explain why.)

Can this be applied to 1-on-1 training?

Yes it can.  If you are going to be doing a lot of classroom training and 1-on-1 training, seriously consider this 2-day classroom Train the Trainer class.

What are the big differences between this and the one day courses?

You get practice time in front of a video camera and you keep the video. You also focus on classroom (group) dynamics.  Before and after topics are better discussed. 

Best Benefits?

Better appreciating what training is and experiencing how to train even more effectively.

Being sure:  you will know what to do to get ready for training in the classroom.  You'll know how to prepare for the class how to start the class, and how to teach every section of the course.  (There is still a fair bit of hard work - but you'll know what to do.) 


Advanced Train the Trainer (1 day)

This one-day course has been created to give those who have been seriously involved in training a chance to pause, to learn what is new in training and to engage in awesome training conversations. It is intended for experienced trainers who are currently engaged in, supporting and making decisions about training processes. While much of this course can be applied to any type of training delivery, there is an emphasis on in-person delivery.

What else is there to learn?

Still a fair bit: more theory - nice to see how CLT fits into classroom techniques, the research behind transferring what is taught to the job ...

Best Benefit?

Conversations with peers; more knowledge, confirmation that you are on the right track, corrections ....