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An Overview of On-Site Classes

On-site classes are classes that are run at client locations. For some courses, all we need is a boardroom with a white board and a flip chart. Some courses also require access to Power Point and to participant computers.

Please allow 1 -2 weeks for preparation time.  No matter the course, it is helpful to hear how folks are currently doing things and speak about issues that are relevant.  Almost always, after conversations courses are customized.

There are many advantages to having classes delivered at your location.


You get to choose dates and times you want classes to start.

Class Duration

Two day classes can be run over four half days. One day classes can be run over two half days. The days don't even have to be consecutive days.


Your location means that your people do not need to be concerned with traveling. It also means that critical people are available should emergencies arise.


On-site classes are usually customized. This means that courses can be blended together, sections can be dropped, new sections can be added, and client specific examples can be included. Almost always there is no charge for this service. Classes focus on specific issues that are important to you.

Team Building

People come together naturally when they strive to achieve course objectives together. Surprisingly relevant conversations take place. Unpredictable and unusual ideas come up.