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Lunch & Learn: An Overview

We no longer offer Lunch and Learns.


We offer on-site in person Lunch & Learn sessions in two different time durations: 30 - 60 minutes and 90 - 120 minutes. lunch and learn

Every session is designed to start in under a minute and then provide an overwhelming return on investment. Each session is designed to be informative, useful and entertaining. (People can learn great deal while they are laughing and eating!)

"Good morning everyone. Lets start in Outlook with the Mail program and look at how we can make this work better for us.

I look at people's Inboxes and I get scared! Let me show you why you want to have about 10 main sub-folders ...."

I spend an inordinate amount of time preparing for on-site sessions – including Lunch & Learns.  Please allow 1 -2 weeks for preparation time.  (I have reached a point in my career where I am honestly interested in delivering only excellent sessions.) It is helpful to hear how folks are currently doing things and speak to issue that are relevant.

Sessions may be recorded and then used internally. Attendees are welcome to take notes, but no handouts will be provided. A one page PDF summary file will be emialed to the Lunch and Learn coordinator after the session. (It would be fairly straight forward to turn a Lunch & Learn into a half-day class if you like the ideas presented and want detailed notebooks and exercises.)

Unlike classes, there are no per person fee's for these sessions - a simple flat fee is charged. The number of people you invite to attend is limited by the size of your room.

Our Lunch & Learn fee schedule is here.

Outlook Unleashed!

See Outlook do things you have never seen Outlook do; learn how to do what you know more efficiently. This is an advanced Outlook demo with a seriously practical side to it.

OneNote Unleashed!

Curious about OneNote or those just beginning to use it? (If you own Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, Outlook ... you own OneNote). A session with serious business slant from someone who has been using OneNote seriously for years and years. Applications include meetings, webinars and long-term planning.

Training's Big Ideas!

In a very short period of time see what has to be included in any successful training program, and understand adult learning theory in a way you've not seen it explained before. Start your training initiatives with everyone on same page.

Creating Pointy Presentations!

Give your presentation extreme focus and coherence: creating a very "pointy" presentation that has a specific ask in mind for a specific client. This session is all about content and deciding quickly on what to say and what to leave out.

New topics will be added as the months go on - please check back. (If you have requests or suggestions please call or email Bart.)