Trab Training Inc.
Helping with Training since 1985

"No man was ever wise by chance." L A Seneca 

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Consulting Overview

Consulting is a very active process of observing, listening, having conversations with stakeholders, asking the right questions and then offering solutions - both verbally and in writing. Gain access to over 30 years of experience. Work smart and hard.

We offer consulting services in the area of training and of documentation.


Training consulting can be as specific as helping a single trainer, or as broad as helping a company develop a new training program and process. (We have been creating and delivering training since 1982.)


In the past we have helped companies build training materials, user manuals, policy and procedure manuals and operational guides - while we no longer offer this service, we continue to consult in the area of documentation. A valuable service for those who are new to documenting new (or existing) processes or systems.

System Implementation

Combining training expertise and documentation expertise since 1985, we can help with your new system implementation in varying degrees.