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CTT+ Train the Trainer (On-site Class)

CompTIA Authorized Curriculum Duration:

2 days or 4 half days.

Site requirements:

Boardroom, white board (or black board), flip chart pad.

Hints & Suggestions:

For those who are new to training and who are moving into a training role - a very solid foundational course.

If it is difficult to put people in the classroom for two straight days, consider one full day in the classroom, a one, two, or three day break, and the final day in the classroom.

If clients have no interest in certifications we can customize this class. Specific CTT+ exam material can be taken out. Additional topics or exercises can be included. (For example, a fairly common modification involves adding a section on creating course materials.)


Key people are being asked to take on a significant training role.

Intended For:

Managers, analysts, and supervisors, and other experienced employees who find themselves doing more and more classroom training.

Those who are looking to prepare for their CTT+ exams.

Anybody who needs to train groups of people in an effective and efficient manner can benefit from this course.

Key Topics:

Training Theory and Definitions

Preparing for the Class

Starting Classes

Procedures to Apply Throughout the Session



The Instructor is the Medium


Dealing with Classroom Emotions

What to do at the End of Every Class

How to Review a Session

About CTT+ Exams

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