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Virtual Train the Trainer (On-line Class)

Duration: Six, 90 minute sessions
This course is now available.


This course has been designed to help those who are new to training and new to virtual training become good virtual trainers.

After this class expect to be able to create and deliver timely, well-received and useful virtual training sessions.

Intended For:

Anybody who needs to begin to create and deliver training virtually. This course is intended for those who are new to virtual training and new to training. (If you have a group of trianers who have classroom experience, and you are interested in moving to the virtual environment please call.)

Hints & Suggestions:

Your confirmation letter will include pre-class work. Please do this. Make sure you set aside time for after session course work.

Course Materials:

Course Materials include a 49 page colour notebook.

Course Objectives:

Be able to define, prepare for, and deliver virtual training.

Read, understand, and answer questions on terms and definitions relating to virtual training.

Appreciate that there are different levels of learning, know what these levels are and estimate how much people learn at each level.

Understand and answer questions regarding the cycle of learning and learning styles: know how this applies to training that you will be doing.

Understand the importance of Pre-Session work and know what to do when you run a virtual pre-session.

Have a strategy for preparing your material to teach your next virtual training session.

See how to set up a virtual classroom and take away a video that shows this.

Experience working through an assignment that has you prepare for a virtual training session using what you learned from this session.

Understand the two components of selling as it pertains to training and trainers and have practiced “selling” both yourself and the course to others.

Answer questions on course overviews and course objectives.

Understand and demonstrate that you understand how to fulfill your responsibilities as a virtual trainer at the beginning of a class.

Create a small video showing this; view and comment on videos created by your peers.

Understand and be able to describe all components of CARQ.

Demonstrate that you know how to start a new section in a course using CARQ.

Revisit the concept of Blending and be directed to some very successful blended learning sites.

Have worked with and have strategies for working with virtual classroom tools (whiteboards, breakout rooms, file boxes …) to better engage your classes.

Participate in a couple of different strategies for teaching software packages remotely.

Understand and experiment with using your voice even more effectively.

Discuss strategies for using Performance Aids in virtual training sessions.

Have a plan for ending sessions.

Discuss three key areas of evaluation forms and work with an evaluation form.

Discuss high value activities you can do when the session is over and come up with an action plan.

Be provided with a forum where questions on virtual training can be discussed.