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1-on-1 Train the Trainer (On-site Class)


1 day.

Site requirements:

Boardroom, white board (or black board), flip chart pad.

Hints & Suggestions:

This course is aimed at those who will only be doing very small group training - usually just one person; this is an anti-classroom train-the-trainer course. (If you are looking for how to teach groups of people please see our 1 Day or 2 Day Train-the-Trainer class.)

This course works best when it is run in one day.

This course is also available as a cassette tape and workbook self study kit.


Are you asking your experienced people to teach others in your organization without showing them how to teach effectively?  This course gives every participant the theory and practical experience required to become a better one-on-one trainer. Over half of this course consists of classroom exercises. These exercises include group work and 1-On-1 training simulation exercises. While this course is grounded in theory it is a very practical course.  One of the best investments you can make in employee development !   Everybody wins.

Intended For:

Managers, analysts, and supervisors, and other experienced employees who find themselves doing more and more individual training.

Key Topics:

Training Theory and Definitions

Preparing for the Session

Starting Sessions

Procedures to Apply Throughout the Session



What to do at the End of Every Session

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