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CTT+ Train the Trainer (Public Class)

CompTIA curriculum logo.Duration:

Seven 90 minute sessions (virtual)


Key people are being asked to train others without knowing how to train most effectively and efficiently. Training is not done, or it is done and not well received.

Intended For:

Anybody who needs to train groups of people in an effective and efficient manner can benefit from this course. Managers, supervisors, and other experienced employees who find themselves doing more and more classroom training.

Those who are looking to prepare for their CTT+ exams.

Hints & Suggestions:

It is helpful to take this course before designing and building training programs.

Those who come to class knowing what they will be teaching, seem to get a bit more out of the course. (A detailed table of contents would be useful about half-way through the course.)

For the in-person class, please set about 45 minutes aside for homework after the first day.

For the virtual class, you will be required to create and submit videos after a couple of sessions in the seven session class. Please set aside about half an hour a session for this. For more details on the virtual class please click here.

Those who are taking the class for CTT+ requirements or for MCT might want to look at the FAQ's at the bottom of this page..

CTT notebook.Course Materials:

Course Materials include a 87+ page colour notebook.

Key Topics:

Training Theory and Definitions

Preparing for the Class

Starting Classes

Procedures to Apply Throughout the Session



The Instructor is the Medium


Dealing with Classroom Emotions

What to do at the End of Every Class

How to Review a Session

About CTT+ Exams

Frequently Asked CTT+ Questions.

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