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CTT+ Frequently Asked Questions

Can this be applied to 1-on-1 training?
Yes it can.  If you are doing both classroom training and 1-on-1 training, I would recommend taking this 2 day classroom Train the Trainer class.


Who teaches this course for Trab Training? 
Currently Bart Simpson B.Sc., M.A., CTT+ is the only person teaching this class for Trab Training Inc.

Is this course available right now?    Yes.

Is Trab Training able to prepare me for the CompTIA exams?
Yes we are. For many years we were a CompTIA Authorized Partner Program Trainer (for the CTT+ designation). Our course materials continue to remain CompTIA Authorized Quality Curriculum (CAQC).

What do I need to do to become a CTT+?
To become a Certified Technical Trainer you need to pass 2 exams after this class:  a written exam ($US 269) and a video exam ($US 293).  (A 20 minute video needs to be created, submitted and judged as pass or fail by independent people.  You are not allowed to submit your video until you pass the written exam.)  To pass the CTT exams you need to think of being a trainer in a very large organization.  Throughout this course you will receive tips on how to successfully complete both exams.  For the purposes of better understanding training and passing the CTT+ written exam, sample exam questions will be given throughout the two days - and time will go into discussing the answers.  In this class we will not be creating the 20 minute video that can be submitted for grading; however, you will receive good details on how to do this. 

When it comes to passing the CTT+ exams, even experienced trainers will need to carefully plan out a 20 minute training session and practice it several times before creating a video tape to submit. You may also want work with practice questions a bit after the class.

Course Prerequisites

While there are no course prerequisites, people new to training should not expect to take this course and then immediately sit and pass CTT+ exams. When this course is over you will know what to do in the classroom; you will know how to do the work that goes into running successful training programs. Just how successful you will be depends in part on the effort you put into preparing and delivering your training sessions. With thoughtful application of what is taught in this course, with good course materials and a well suited group of students, you will succeed in the classroom immediately.