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CTT+ Train the Trainer: Class Comments

"... video exercises/homework. Strongly recommend Bart." A.L. Toronto.

"Easy to follow practical knowledge I can put to use right away." C. S. Calgary.

"Great theory and application of theory. I will use CARQ." C. B. Edmonton.

"Great enthusiasm and knowledge, very effective." D. B. Toronto.

"How to properly layout your traning presentation and materials to get individuals who attend your courses to value and retain information provided." S. O. Edmoton.

"Well layed out, good examples, and practice runs of being a trainer ... delivery was good and well organized." E. S. Toronto.

"I felt very much involved and there is nothing I found to be not interesting." A. K. Toronto.

"All of the content is useful for all types of training ... wasn't anything I didn't like. " A. T. Calgary.

"Great pace, relaxed atmospher, lots to learn." K. I. Calgary.

"Training theory, learning cycle, preparing and starting a class, delivery techniques .... Bart is extremely passionate about training and it shows - and is contagious in a good way." E. T. Toronto.

"Presentation tips and techniques are so relevant to new and experienced instructors ... brings everyone to a new level of confidence." D.C. Edmonton

"Found it very informative. By FAR the best Train the Trainer course I have taken." R.B. Calgary

"Content was very comprehensive and will forever impact my approach to to training and learning." E.K. Edmonton

"Detailed, suggestive, enthusiastic, over-all excellent instructor." Z.K. Toronto

"Bart did an excellent job ... made me look forward to training." B.L. Calgary

"Well organized. Concise." M.F. Toronto

"Everything was very useful." S. Q. Calgary

"I learned a lot more about being more confident when speaking to a group of people...." M. S. Toronto.

"Clear, optimistic about his students, and motivating." T. W. Edmonton.

"New tools to help me train more efficiently. Far too many to list. Tons of great info." P. U. Calgary.

"I thought the course was excellent. I certainly learned a lot as it is not like any course ...." D. B. Vancouver.

"The wealth of information and direct methods of application ... extremely helpful." K. H. Calgary.

"This was very useful and will give me a solid foundation for years to come." Q. H. Edmonton.

"By far the best course I have ever been to...." G. A. Toronto.

"Bart was very engaging, upbeat and very well versed on the subject matter. It was a pleasure participating in the class." S. J. Calgary.

"... fun and interesting and exciting." T. B. Calgary.

"This course was of great value to me." R. M. Denver.

"Very interactive. Entertaining and polite. Awesome experience and knowledge which was shared selflessly across participants." A. N. Toronto.

"Really good ... the course is obviously well thought out and done really well. I would (and will) recommend it to others." P.S. Calgary.

"Top Notch. I would take another course from him." M.G. Seattle.

"Bart's style of teaching is unique. I haven't been to any training like this before." I. A. Toronto.

"Very engaging teaching style. Great content." A. H. Toronto.

"The theory provided motivation and justification for practice. I felt comfortable getting uncomfortable." T. A., Calgary.

"Practical exercises ... analogies ... awesome job Bart." J. T., Vancouver.

"Awesome - I've never learned so much in any other courses taken - and I've been through many."  M. C., Calgary.

"... wit, breadth of knowledge, deep experience, organization ...."  V. B., Toronto.

"Awesome enthusiasm and I appreciate the fact that we all could converse casually and comfortably."  K. T., Calgary.

"Excellent training."  R. D., Calgary.

"Wealth of info in the curriculum ... I would attend any relevant course Bart instructed."  J. P., Calgary.

"Very descriptive and informative, loved the tips / what to and what not to do ... reference to authors etc., diagrams .... "  C. K., Toronto.

"Bart's energy and enthusiasm is amazing."  F. H., Burlington.

"A solid framework to work off of when preparing a course.  Subtle tips and tricks that help improve training techniques."  S. T., Calgary.

"Loved the interaction."  J. W., Vancouver.

"Liked the way the course examples were tailored to the participants situation."  R. M., Calgary.

"Above expectations.  Worth every penny."  D. N., Toronto.

"This course met all my objectives and then some!  It's given me a lot of fantastic ideas to add that extra 'pizzazz' to my classes."  P. M., Calgary.

"I feel that the things I learned in this course will allow me to greatly improve the courses I will instruct."  L. W., Calgary.

"Instructor very well prepared, course had great flow ... great presentation."  D. B., Calgary.

"Quirky, funny, knowledgeable, approachable, energetic."  J. K., Calgary.

"Humor was very good, information was exceptional, and time management was very good."  S. L., Vancouver.

"You practiced what you preached - good modeling of the process/ structure/theories."  L. K., Prince George.

"Very informative ... entertaining, useful direction and critique."  C. S., Calgary.

"I would recommend this course to all prospective instructors."  S. M., Calgary.

"I appreciate that my time was well used!  Lots of useful stuff."  A. L., Vancouver.

"Great job.  Knowledge is remarkable.  I have taken 2 previous courses and this blew them both away!!"  T. C., Edmonton.

"I was very, very impressed.  I learned a great deal that I will be able to start applying ... tomorrow."  K. C., Toronto.

"Bart was easy to learn from - skilled at his craft - practiced what he was teaching."  J. P., Calgary.

"Extremely valuable content, exactly what I needed at this stage of my training experience."  N. M., Calgary.

"I will never look at teaching or instructing the same way - very good course!"  M. K., Calgary.

"I really enjoyed Bart's course.  He easily went from working with technical people to field people (our different environments and work situations ....)"  P. B., Calgary.

"Professional and sensitive; approachable and personable style; sincerity ...."  D. W., Toronto.

"Great information: very meaningful and yet simple and easy to understand.  Excellent instructor."  L.R., Calgary.

"Everything was relevant, however the most important thing was doing the presentations and more specifically the CARQ planning."  C. H., Toronto.

"Bart, you did a great job - I picked up a lot of ideas just watching what you were doing- thank you!  Great practical solutions."  L. H., Calgary.

"Wonderful / Practical suggestions.  Transferable to other training events: client demos, trade shows, even meetings."  C. B., Calgary.

"The way to set up a typical training day; new to me and very useful."  S. B., Vancouver.

"I learned that I am on the right track delivering training.  I also realized how to become a much more effective trainer ."  J. G-S. , Calgary.

"Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, organized, lots of real life examples, colourful."  I. S. , Calgary.

"Excellent.  Goes without saying that a trainer of trainers should be excellent, but I really appreciated the enthusiasm & subject knowledge, as well as the apparent & successful attempt at making the course relevant to all students."  B. A. , Calgary.

"The whole course went great ... the flow and highlighting tied everything together."  S. G. , Vancouver.

"Very enthusiastic, involved and knowledgeable.  I felt very comfortable with all materials presented because they were presented so well."  B. F. , Calgary.

"Bart - you're infectious!  (And I mean that nicely.)  Very relaxed atmosphere and safe place to practice."  S. M. , Calgary.

"Excellent job!!! I enjoyed myself and I will use it all.  Thank you."  G. M. , Edmonton.

"Very dynamic instructor who obviously loves teaching and sharing his knowledge."  J. K. , Calgary.

"Good variety.  The class was engaged throughout the entire course.  Nice balance between theory and practice ... the most interesting & beneficial course I have taken in the last ten years!  Very satisfied!"  J. W. , Calgary.

"Fabulous seminar.  Very informative.  Great materials ...."  P. K. , Edmonton.

"Humour; Anecdotes; Comprehensive ... FUN!"  A. A. , Vancouver.

"The course was fun - there was a lot of information and it was presented so that it was not overwhelming."  C. P, Calgary.

"Very enlightening - excellent pointers -> really helped my confidence -> I know now that being a "trainer" is right for me!  Thank you."  M. L. , Calgary.

"Completely satisfied.  I really liked the instructor and the way he delivered the course."  J. S. , Vancouver.

"Excellent job, well presented in a clear & concise manner."  M. P. , Edmonton.

"I enjoyed your enthusiasm and sense of humour!  This course has taught me so much about "structure's" and given me a different perspective about being a trainer.  I would recommend this course to any new or existing trainer."  D. B. , Calgary.

"Enjoyed every minute.  Overall the best instructor I have ever seen."  B. H., Winnipeg.

"It's changed the way I think about training."  L. D., Calgary.

"Covered lots in 2 days but needed all material covered for overall course.  Great content ... I really like your enthusiasm."  C. L, Edmonton.

"Very informative, visual ... I feel I'm leaving with great direction & am sure I will find my struggles will be minimized now."  S.P., Calgary