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Customer Service (Public Class)

Duration: Please note that as of 2015, this course is only being offered as an on-site course.


Are your customers getting the service they deserve from your support people? Are all of your support people representing your company in a positive way?

This course has been created to give your support people a good understanding of all aspects of customer service. Those who attend will spend a day defining customer service, measuring themselves as customer service people, and practicing with tools and procedures designed to make them even better support people.

Intended For:

Anybody who supports internal or external customers.  This course is meant for people who are new to customer service with little customer service experience. This course focuses primarily on supporting customers over the phone.

Experienced Customer Service people please click here for on-site class.

Hints & Suggestions:

It would be helpful for everyone who attended to understand all of the roles and responsibilities of their customer service department.

Customer Service notebook.Course Materials:

Course Materials include a 44+ page colour notebook, folder, and handouts.

Key Topics:

Focusing on Customer Service

Customer Service Communication Skills

Steps for Really Handling a Call

Greeting the Customer

Being Positive with Customers

Listening to the Customer

Solving Customer’s Problems

The Action Plan

Dealing with Upset Customers

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