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Customer Service: Class Comments

"Course Content was very good.  Instructor had very interesting stories, great sense of humour."  L. S., Calgary.

"Bart does a good job presenting the information and adapting to this industry / environment."  D. W., Calgary.

"This was a useful course which I would recommend."  J. S., Calgary.

"I will remember much of the course material based on the delivery.  Instructor made it fun.  He sited great examples."  L. M., Calgary.

"... loved the instructor, very laid back, positive, fun."  C. R., Edmonton.

"It was very informative and related very well to what we don on a daily basis."  N. W., Edmonton.

"The whole day was great.  I have been in the customer service based industry for many years - many courses - this was one of the best!"  D. J., Calgary.

"Learning how to deal with customers more effectively ... how to deal with customers that are irate and demanding, how to try and schedule our jobs, giving customers alternatives."  B. C., Calgary.

"Learning how to listen and how to deal with difficult customers ... overall really good.  It was nice to be able to stand up and do stuff."  J. H., Edmonton.

"Bart is very well educated ... it makes it very enjoyable to learn from someone who knows...."  A. B., Edmonton.

"Good pace, a lot of brain storming.  Pleasant."  J. C., Calgary.

"Very clear and practical."  J. P., Calgary.

"Entertaining way to learn.  Good course materials."  C. H., Edmonton.

"Free flowing class - stayed on task - upbeat, enthusiasm, well prepared - handouts great."  A. D., Calgary.

"Well presented.  Would recommend to others."  S. I., Calgary.

"It was relative to what we do from day to day at the office."  R. K., Calgary.

"Customer service is an attitude, with different dimensions."  G.Z., Calgary.

"Very interesting.  Instructor very knowledgeable and easy to listen to."  K. N., Edmonton.

"Nothing I didn't like!  Instructor very focused, able to move through subject matter efficiently and effectively."  D. L., Calgary.

"Bart was a very good speaker and kept my attention.  It will be very useful when dealing with customers."  P. D., Edmonton.

"The whole course was wonderful  ... ways to improve my listening skills.  How to politely deal and prevent unhappy customers."  J. T., Calgary.

"Pointed out things I've had to do for years and put them in order and importance."  J. G., Calgary.

"Empathy is key.  Always keep promises made.  Always good to get a refresher course."  M. F., Calgary.

"Very interesting and fun, the instructor was very knowledgeable."  L. T., Calgary.

"Very positive and upbeat.  Made the course very interesting."  B. C., Calgary.

"Refocusing on what customer service really is.  It's easy to forget sometimes.  I like the 3 F's."  C. A., Calgary

"I could really relate and learn/improve from the many things that were mentioned... importance and power behind listening well (before speaking.)" T. L., Calgary

"Fun and informative." P. L., Calgary