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Training: the BIG Ideas! (On-site Lunch & Learn)


30 to 60 minutes.

Site requirements:

Boardroom or auditorium, projection system, and depending on size of room, microphone system. (Recording equipment and personal if client wishes to record the session for internal use.) The number of attendees is set by the client.

How this Helps:

Hear from a very experienced trainer about why training works and why training doesn't work. In a very short period of time time see what has to be included in any successful training program, and understand adult learning theory in a way you've not seen it explained before. Start your training initiatives with everyone on same page. Some people might not work for months in the wrong direction because they attended this session.

Intended For:

Anybody who is interested in getting a good overview of what training is, and what needs to be included in training sessions. Great for kicking off new training initiatives.

Key Topics:training image

Adult Training Theory

Cycles, styles, levels ....

Transferring to the Job

What to Look for in Trainers

What to Ask of Attendees

A Brief Q & A

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