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Outlook Unleashed! (On-site Lunch & Learn)


30 to 60 minutes.

Site requirements:

Boardroom or auditorium, projection system, and depending on size of room, microphone system. (Recording equipment and personal if client wishes to record the session for internal use.) The number of attendees is set by the client.

How this Helps:

Help those who use Microsoft Outlook, use more of Outlook and use it smarter. Not only will attendees see Outlook do things they have never seen Outlook do, they will learn how to do things they already do more efficiently. This is an advanced Outlook demo with a seriously practical side to it. Some attendees will save hours every week just because they attended this session.

Intended For:

Anybody who is interested in seeing what Outlook can really do.

Key Topics:outlook screens shoot


Folders, Views, Rules ....


Views, Appointments, Multiple ....


Categories, Views, Converting ....


Views, Merges, Linking ....

A Brief Q & A

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