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"The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled." Plutarch 

Powerful Presentations: Class Comments

"Bart was very enthusiastic, which transferred to students, making learning more enjoyable: Breathe! Use pauses, be specific ...." D. B-H.

"... the course content can be useful to everyday events." W. S.

"A very useful and educational class ... the pace was good, the amount of content was appropriate and the balance of interaction with "teaching" was very good." S. C.

"Enthusiastic instructor.  Good examples and very constructive feedback ... preparation method, key delivery factors ... class size just right (8)." E. R.

"Lots of interaction, lots of attention and good comments." K. E.

"Always walks the talk!" L. M.

"Very clear delivery of material." D. G.

[ I especially liked ] "... seeing how much we improved.  Great class." S. W.

"Very animated instructor - thought the workshops were excellent.." B. G.

"Bart provides exemplary feedback which makes presenting comfortable yet more importantly valuable." L. DeV.

"Very practical material that can immediately improve my presentations and add value to the organization." P. M.

"It was easy to learn and put together in one day." S. H.

"The instructor is an excellent example for good presentations." J. H.

"... very clear on course materials and presentation." G. J.

"I knew how to facilitate pre-packaged material.  Now I feel I can build my own presentations with confidence." B. M.

"Education materials were extremely well organized." C. V. B.

"How to create and present from start to finish.  Very helpful.  Excellent job Bart!" J. S.

"The techniques will be useful whether I have much time to prepare or not."  M. R.

" ... a very significant difference between the morning and afternoon sessions [when I presented]... I picked up some important tips. "  J. H.

"Made me enthusiastic about learning to present properly. Was an excellent presenter."  S. W.

" ... you were awesome.  There is a method for making a presentation."  A. D.

"A really good presentation structure ... very good presenter."  D. W.

"Involvement - we get to practice what we learn."  M. A.

"It was fun.  The day went by quickly.  I especially liked the presentation techniques."  G. C.

"Techniques for presenting - Fast  &   Effectively! "  C. H.

"Enormous amount of energy."  M. A.

"[Most important to me ...] to give order to the materials that I present.  I especially enjoyed the open discussion with other participants and instructor."  M. K.

"Good framework for building presentations."  D. H.

"Systematic way to organize presentations.  Good enthusiasm / hands on practice."  M. O.

"How to effectively organize a presentation in a short period of time."  C.B.

"Very engaging instructor.  Held my interest well.   Exercises engaged participants in additional speaking practice."  D. P.

"Relaxed atmosphere - good overview - not too long."  P. S..

" ... used all his techniques in delivering this course ... 'walked the walk'."  D. S.

"Excellent material.  Work to take back with me.   Fun, attentive instructor."  M. W.

"The presentations template will be a tool that I can guarantee that I will use for every presentation in the future."  B. L.