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New System Implementation

After deciding on, purchasing and modifying your new system and before testing consider:  a Train-the-Trainer course for key support staff (which includes course creation), Brainstorming, Documentation and then a successful roll-out.

Roll out new systems that users understand, are able to use well and have confidence in by the go live date.


Ready. Begin with a solid foundation of training theory and processes. With understanding comes better strategic decisions. In just ½ a day this can be done well. For those involved in delivering the training, we might also recommend a 1 day or 2 day session. Telling and showing is just the tip of the iceberg.

Consulting and Brainstorming

Aim. Conversations and brainstorming sessions with those in leadership roles. Who What Where When How blended with training strategies and concepts. Particular attention is paid to achievable outcomes and the examples and exercises that will support those outcomes.

Building Support Materials

Fire. Consulting covers details on how-to, though we no longer get involved in building materials.


Charge. Roll out new systems that users understand, are able to use well and are confident in by the go live date with well thought out support processes in place.