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Virtual Classes Requirements


Currently we are working with Adobe Connect, which runs on a variety of computers including most Windows, Mac and Linux systems. You will need a fairly current computer.

Access to a strong internet connection.

A web cam and a USB headset with microphone.


As a participant, all you need is a computer that is running a later version of Flash(11.2+). You do not need to install any special software to participate in classes.

Work Space

Someplace you can work with minimum distraction, and where you can talk without disturbing others.

Pre-class Session

There is a 30 minute (approximately) pre-class session that everyone is required to participate in prior to attending their first virtual course. (In part to insure and reassure everyone that hardware and software is working fine.)

This will be a one-on-one session with the course instructor and is included with the course fee.

Home Work

Usually virtual classes are fairly concentrated. Most of our classes have out-of-class assignments that you are required to do - sometimes before the next session. (For example, when we run our CTT+ Train the Trainer course virtually, you are required to create and submit a video of yourself starting a session.)

Course Materials

Printed course materials will be sent to you before the class begins.