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Your Time - Your Life!
(Public Class)

Duration: Four 90 minute sessions.


This course has been designed to help you:

Learn and use theory, systems and techniques for deciding and doing, 168 hours at a time.

Achieve significant results every week at work and at home, for others and for yourself.

Spend more quality time on important tasks.

Stop doing things you shouldn't be doing.

This course is certainly not about multi-tasking and cramming even more into your already-full days - just the opposite.  It is in part, about being more selective, about becoming organized, about reducing clutter, about eliminating procrastination, about writing things down only once, about finding everything quickly, about setting and enforcing boundaries, about being prepared for important events before they happen.  It is a about developing systems that allow you to work undistracted.

Attitude, time management, personal leadership and personal organizational theory are combined with very practical how-to-implement ideas using Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft OneNote. Greater than the sum of its parts, this course is about design, about being deeply satisfied at the end of every day.

In essence, the course is meant to be a starting point for those who are seriously questioning how their life is unfolding. This course has been designed to allow every participant the stucture, motivation and time to create new habits and routines that support the way they really want to live.

Intended For:

... anyone who is struggling under the burden of working longer and longer hours ... those who continue to struggle with personal productivity, both at home and at work ... anyone who wants to fine tune their personal leadership and management system to allow them to work smarter ... anyone who needs to dedicate time to more important things.  

Hints & Suggestions:

Consider doing the course pre-work that will be assigned.

While we can run this class at your location as an on-site class, our public course is a virtual class. You will need access to both Microsoft Outlook and OneNote. For details on our virtual classes please click here.


CTT notebook.Course Materials:

Course Materials include a 50+ page colour notebook, folder and in-class handouts.

Key Topics:

Time Theory and Definitions

Missions, Roles and Goals
   About Change and BHAGs
   Implementing in One Note

Interruptions and Clutter
   Organizing Hints
   Email and Appointments

Weekly Planning
   Outlook Strategies

  Fast Fixes
   Daily Processes

   Categories and Views
   Email, Tasks, Calendars

   Procrastination and Perfection


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