Bart Simpson, B. Sc., MA (Adult Education), CTT+, B.F.A.

picture of bartAs president of Trab Training, Bart has spent well over one thousand days in the classroom teaching courses he has written. He has been training other trainers publicly since 1989. On an ongoing basis, Bart develops and conducts customized training courses for a wide variety of Canadian companies.

B. Sc. (4 yr. Software Specialization)
University of Alberta, 1982
A four-year degree in computing science.

M. A. (in Adult Eduction)
Central Michigan University, 1991
A Master’s degree specializing in Adult Education.

B.F.A. (with distinction)
Alberta College of Art and Design. 2012
A four-year degree specializing in Ceramics

A Personal Comment

Not long after turning forty, I found myself “suddenly” 30 pounds heavier than I wanted to be.  That was when I became interested in food and dieting and exercise.  I went from being interested to being seriously interested about five years ago – while I continued to run my own training company.  (I found it easiest to say to friends that I had this hobby … nutrition.)

I was actually surprised at how frustrating it was to get answers about food and about eating.  (Maybe because I had come from a computing background where there are answers readily available.)  About a year ago, my son became interested in knowing all the details.  That was when I thought of writing all of this down.

Let me tell a short why-a-colouring-book story.   First, most people I have talked to about colouring books liked them and miss them.  “I need to colour more” is a response I heard just two days ago. 

Whenever I mentioned the idea of colouring books for adults, the response has usually been positive.  I cannot count the times I have heard people say that they would buy them.  For me colouring books have been a solution looking for a problem – a problem that would warrant “going slow”.   Ironically, I was fully immersed in such a topic for a long time.

Interestingly, this project combines what I have learned getting to the top of this hill (not over yet).  Where else would a product require so much work experience, computing science skills, adult education skills and a fine arts education?

Colour Me Thin contains all the information I use to lose weight.   It is a logical, complete, fun and unusual approach to becoming thinner.