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For information on the idea behind colouring books for adults, read on.

Colouring books allow people time on concepts … time to digest.  Most people are caught up in the day-to-day and pause points are rare.  These books are meant to offer you a bit of time to slow down and just doodle.  Well researched, they are also meant to offer you practical information on important and noisy topics. For example, our first book, Colour Me Thin, is about nutrition and about becoming thinner by eating properly.  It is meant to be source for information and inspiration - a book you personalize by colouring.

It is all about being able to take time. Think back to your first colouring book.


Instructions on how to use an adult colouring book:

    Set aside about 20 minutes to contemplate an idea and colour a page.

    Our plan is to release a new colouring book each year. Our first book, Colour-Me-Thin is available now.

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