First printed and bound in Calgary, AB, Canada, September 2011.
160 pages; ISBN#: 978-0-9878074-0-3.
77 pages to colour; references cited and further reading options listed.


Apart from the beginning and the end (introduction, organization, index, tracking sheets +, references) most of the book presents a page of information and a facing page for colouring. The colouring page references the text page - in sometimes subtle and humorous ways.

There are four basic types of pages.

small image of wordsfibre pictureFoundation Pages

These pages contain facts and figures and scientific details and opinions. Expect to find topics like fibre, how much protein you need and how to calculate your optimal body weight. 40 pages.



small wordsimage scaleHints Pages

Tools that make counting calories easier, hints for not over eating, food safety .... 30 pages.


small wordsimage beginThoughts Pages

Knowing is not enough - doing and applying is necessary. What we think and how we think ultimately determines where we end up. New thoughts (old thoughts applied in new ways?) that will help you become thinner. 28 pages.



ssmall wordsimage taking the next stepEmotion Pages

Weight loss is also a very emotional issue. Work through 30 pages of ideas that help you feel better - feel like taking that next step towards becoming thinner.