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"The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled." Plutarch 

Personal Leadership: Class Comments

“To define a personal mission and define our roles ... made the course enjoyable and fun...” T. M.  

“Upbeat & positive.  Schedule time for non-urgent tasks to protect them.” R. I.  

“Fast moving, clearly presented.” P. A.  

“... free flowing conversation and relating to others comments.” L. S.  

“The value of spending just a little bit of time per week in the planning process can reap huge benefits.” K.L.  

“Well sequenced and helpful ... appears to be very effective.” P.S.  

“Very well done.  Great course!  The instructor has great delivery skills, funny.” M. B.  

“It made me realize that I am neglecting some things that are very important to me.” C. G.  

"The course is an excellent tool for self-improvement and personal reflection.”  D. A.  

“Great sense of humour, provided examples to work with.” C.K.  

"Very enthusiastic about the course.  Useful / applicable content.”  M. M.  

"Take a step back and look ahead a week, month, etc ....  There were a number of eye opening hints ... instructor was upbeat and knowledgeable.”  D. M.  

"Win / win.  Scheduling time effectively.  Good organization.”  P. H.  

"Setting goals and looking at roles is very important.”  R. S.  

"How to manage my time better.  Bart keeps the course interesting and in perspective.  He makes it so you'll leave wanting to apply the course knowledge immediately to your everyday work.”  J. M.

"Some really good ideas.”  A. C.  

"It opened my eyes to some key things I can do to be successful.”  S. L.  

"The course focused on many areas which effect my job and life directly.”  B. W.  

"Linking roles and goals into weekly planning and priorities.”  M. P.  

"Realization that everyone has similar time management issues and that there is a way to define what is truly important and act upon those issues first.”  S. S.  

"Very good to have a large group within the company to be focused in the same manner.”  A. S.