Time to make Decisions

One of the benefits of having time to work on a project is time to make decisions, time to discuss decisions with others, time to think carefully about what they have said and then, possibly, time to change your initial decisions.

I think I may reverse the colour scheme on my small panels having just gone through this process.

Still struggling with a name – red and white?  The life of dots?  Between a rock and a soft place?



Still struggling with a title for this project.  But progress is being made.  The final piece will consist of 3 main panels (each approximately 2 1/2 feet by 4 feet) and 8 small sub-panels.  The main panels are done.  (Each has 1,530 small ceramic dots and 30 rocks – the rocks represent years and follow 51 ceramic dots which represent weeks.)

I’ve decided on the color scheme for the small panels and built a template that I’ll use to create each one.

Trapped by the art project

A while back (2016) I started working on a project I am thinking of calling weeks.  Weeks is about the number of weeks and years one has on this planet – a death-is-coming project, or classically, a Memento mori project.  (Latin: remember you must die).

While researching factual books dealing with death one soon comes across those written by medical professionals who are helping people in their final stages of life.  What is tricky about this type of reading is that it can be very emotional.

For some who have a scientific leaning (I include myself) religion offers little comfort.  We born, we die.  I found myself contemplating my own mortality, deeply.   Ironically, the death-is-coming project prematurely ended my work on the project.  It wasn’t until I read Do It Anyway (Kent Keith) that I got back on the horse.  Here are two of his commandments that were particularly sticky:

People really need help but may attack you if you do help them.  Help them anyway.

Give the world the best you have and you’ll get kicked in the teeth.  Give the world the best you have anyway.

Maybe I’ll call this project Anyway.


There is nothing quite like continuous effort.  Regular studio work simply works.  Though, I think there is much to be said for limiting the amount of time you spend in your studio every day.  I’m guessing that number varies from person to person – up to four hours?

Product vs Process

I’m pleased to have come accross the idea of product vs process.  In essence:  put time into doing … don’t worry about the product.   One of my drawing instructors used to say: “never be concerned about the results – draw!”

Funny that one can forget about fundamentals as important as process and product.   I talked about it at an informal arts meeting I attend at Metal Studios and have convinced a few other people to just start drawing again – process not product.

This month I’m starting at just 15 minutes a day and it is going well.

I may well move up the time frame next month.  Super fun again – didn’t realize how much I missed drawing.

Almost there….

Getting close to being able to design my new website.  Thinking that the writing ought to feature fairly prominently.

I’ve got a list of artists to review … and then it is just a matter of decided and building.

I continue to read through Show Your Work by Austin Kleon.

A bit of detour 🙂


Recall test tbd

So I’m working away on a couple of courses right now.  Both a Learning how To Learn course and a WordPress course.  Recall and testing is an important component of learning so here goes a post that includes all.

small face 200x150This was sized outside of WordPress.  I will be interesting to see how I may display this.

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