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"No man was ever wise by chance." L A Seneca 

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Simplifying Training

Training happens all the time.  But good training does not happen accidently.  The challenge:  the best people to design and deliver the training are your best people.   (Who would you want training you?)  There are two problems: time and lack of knowledge.  The last thing you want is your best people spending needless days/weeks building courses and then delivering that training poorly. 

We can help with helping your best people become your best trainers.

This is not about turning very competent people into full-time trainers; it is all about having your most experienced people teach others how to perform like they do.   A couple of days in the classroom is all it takes to understand training.  Then, with two or three more days spent in information gathering and consulting sessions (over a two or three week period) a one day course should be nearly finished.

With a relatively small time investment, your organization can have your most qualified people running effective classes they helped design.


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